From President

  As of November 2023, under the leadership of the new executive team, I have the honor of assuming the position of President of the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics (JSND). This academic society will celebrate its 70th anniversary during this term. Following in the footsteps of my predecessors, I will continue the activities of this prestigious society with a rich history. In the pursuit of the happiness and well-being of all individuals, leaving no one behind, I aspire to expand research and practical endeavors in various fields grounded in nutrition.
  The activities of this academic society are aimed at the long-term goal of establishing practical dietetics as an academic discipline, with the medium-term objective being "the promotion of applied research through collaboration between the field of nutrition and dietary management and universities and research institutions, as well as the enhancement of disseminating the outcomes." To achieve these goals, during the 21st and 22nd terms, our initiatives will focus on activating young members, expanding the areas of research and practical activities, transitioning from practical activity reports to research, and strengthening the collaboration among branch divisions as our operational objectives.
  The activities of this academic society are aimed at the long-term. On the path to the realization of happiness and health for all individuals based on nutrition, many challenges lie ahead, including cultural adaptability, the need to address individualization, the reduction of health disparities, alleviation of the dual burden of malnutrition, prevention of nutrition-related diseases, food safety, improvement of food access, enhancement of information access, environmental issues, and the fostering of global cooperation. To address these challenges in a sustainable manner, it is important to understand the diversity of people and approach the issues comprehensively from the perspectives of various fields.
  This academic society is composed of members engaged in research and practical activities in various fields of nutrition, and it has the unique ability to unite under the theme of "everyone." This sets it apart from many other societies related to nutrition. I aim to further expand this field and enhance the strengths of this academic society. However, our membership numbers are on the decline. To support the aforementioned research, practical activities, and initiatives, it is essential to maintain our current membership levels. We aim to capitalize on the unique characteristics of this society and advance various new activities, with a primary focus on securing membership.
  Alongside the expansion of these initiatives, we will begin considering the gradual outsourcing of secretariat duties starting this fiscal year. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our members.

                            Takayoshi Tsukahara